Whatever you're working on, we make it set faster.  look better.  cost less.  last longer.  dry stronger.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a contractor, we have a cement or concrete solution to meet your needs.

Delta Performance: we’re what you’ve been missing.

Where science meets beauty

Stop settling for poor performance or drab appearance. Our CSA cements, retarders, pozzolans, admixtures and liquid and dry colors will transform the way you think about concrete.

About Delta Performance

Two decades ago, our founder Shawn Hays formed Delta Performance Products. Since then we’ve developed and distributed a wide array of additives for the cement, concrete and plaster industries. We’ve also pioneered a rainbow of concrete pigments and colors—and accurate custom color solutions—to help contractors achieve unimaginable results for their customers.

Our company and products are continuously innovating, and today our team serves as a source of expertise and creativity for manufacturers, industry professionals, and DIY home owners alike.


Our unique formulations and admixtures help you get what you need from your cement.


Our custom blends and concrete pigments will ensure you achieve your creative vision.


Our commitment to exceeding your expectations will support you from start to finish.

Are you a manufacturer or contractor with a creative vision?


Discover the possibilities.
Discover Delta Performance.