Nearly two decades ago, Shawn Hays founded Delta Performance to revolutionize the way manufacturers and contractors thought about cement and concrete.

Now, 20 years later, Delta Performance is still going strong.

Our company and its products are continuously advancing, and today the team serves as a source of expertise and innovation for industry professionals and corporations alike.

Our Concrete Technology division helps manufactures get the results they want from their cement and concrete, rather than letting the materials determine what they can achieve.

And with our Concrete Aesthetics products, we’re doing the same for contractors—transforming the notion of what can be done with “plain” concrete and freeing their artistic imaginations.

We also specialize in matching, blending, packaging and creating color, which means our valued customers don’t simply have access to pre-packaged products—but direct access to a fully equipped color lab, experienced color technicians, and a service attitude that goes above and beyond.

Whatever your vision, we can help you achieve it.

Discover the possibilities.
Discover Delta Performance.