Calumex Quick (CSA)

Calumex Quick is a ready-to-use blend of Calumex calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement and synthetic anhydrite (25% by weight.)

Mixed at one part Calumex Quick to two parts portland cement, the end product delivers:

  • accelerated set times and rapid drying
  • very high early strength, even at low temperatures
  • no loss of strength over time
  • reduced shrinkage
  • higher freeze / thaw performance, and
  • increased sulphate resistance.

Calumex Quick is suitable for use in rapid repair mortars, self-leveling and self-smoothing mortars, fast-setting tile adhesives and grouts, anchor bolts and non-shrink grouts, glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GRC,) and other applications where a quick set and high early strength are advantages.

Calumex Quick is a cement additive yielding accelerated setting times and high early strength.