Calumex® WHITE

Calumex® WHITE by Caltra is a calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) based on low iron bauxite and high-purity limestone and gypsum.

Chemically it is a standard CSA cement—it sets and dries quickly, compensates for shrinkage, and gets stronger faster. (Within 6 hours, it’s possible to achieve compressive strengths of up to 20 MPa.) However, Calumex WHITE also has a very bright white color, making it the perfect choice for decorative applications.

Use it as a rapid-setting straight binder or combine it with white portland cement to control setting times and improve performance.

Its chemical properties and bright color make Calumex WHITE a perfect choice for tile-grouts, natural stone adhesives and mortars, and fast-setting outside renders. It’s also suitable for industrial or heavy-traffic applications.

Specifically developed for decorative applications, but also suited for industrial applications / heavy traffic.