Color Solutions

Helping you find the right pigments, dyes, and other colorants for your projects

Explosion of colored powder on a white background.

Offering precise color matching services to provide consistent color solutions

Delta Performance specializes in providing all our clients with a premium color solution for a variety of industries. We mainly work for companies looking to add to plastics and coatings or with companies in the construction industry.

Our team can create a wide range of chemistries, packaging options, and other services, and we can even accurately color-match to meet your specific needs.

By working closely with you and understanding your color needs, we’ll be able to create the exact color you’re searching for in your project.

Pinwheel in multiple colors.


Browse through our wide range of high-quality, pre-blended pigments and find the right colors for your products.

Liquid Colors

Make your life easier with our selection of liquid pigments. The perfect choice for consistent coloring.

Fifty or more different color markers.
Shiny new red automobile with metallic wheel.

Effect Pigments

Discover the beauty of our effect pigments and add a gorgeous glossy finish to your products.

Custom Color Solutions

Need to color-match concrete or another product? We offer precise color-matching services.

Paper flower with gradient color pedals.