Custom Concrete Color Matching

We understand the power of color

It can create a mood, change the way you see a space, or transform even the ground you walk on. 

That’s why we create custom-color products at Delta Performance—because we want to help you take the color you see in your mind and bring it to life in the real world.

In other words, whether you have a custom color you need to match, or you don’t quite know what you want, we can help. We’re experts in formulating precise color and then working with the chemistry of cement and concrete to ensure the results stay true. 

Here’s the bottom line: our color technicians make it easy for you to transform drab, gray concrete into rich colorful spaces that enhance any environment… 

In exactly the way you imagined.

“We’ve been with Delta since the beginning because they work with us to develop a solution to every color challenge.”

We have everything you need
to go from gray to great!

Put our color specialists and lab technicians to work on new color solutions to enhance your concrete products.

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