Effect Pigments

Give your products an irresistible metallic or glossy finish

Shiny new red automobile with metallic wheel.

Aluminum Flake Paste and Powder from Carlfors Bruk

Carlfors Bruk logo.

Carlfors Bruk was founded in 1898 and is a well-known Global Supplier of this effect pigment.

A wide range of aluminum pigment pastes, pellets, and powders. Aluminum pigments are widely used in numerous applications for plastics, roof coatings, marine coatings, protective coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, decorative coatings and industrial coatings.

Effect pigments for paints, coatings, plastics, and textiles

Effect Pigments can be used for fluorescent, pearlescent, phosphorescent and many other special effects.

Clear-coating resins don’t have to stay clear with the use of Integra Metallics, 14 powder pigments for use in epoxies, polyaspartic coatings, urethanes and more.

Integra Metallics are easy to store and easy to mix. They’re color-accurate, which means what you see in the sample is what you get. And they’re available for private label in custom packaging or in bulk.

Plus, our experienced color technicians also offer complete color customization and simple color formulation in our fully equipped color lab—matched to precisely any swatch.