Liquid Colors

Versatile, conveniently packaged liquid colors for self-leveling cementitious overlay products. These formulations work with most company’s products.

Fifty or more different color markers.

Providing Flooring Contractors with a convenient and easy to use colorant system.

Self-leveling overlays products are cementitious compounds that are poured onto concrete to create a new flat and durable floor.

Traditionally, these are often covered after they’re poured by carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate. They are also suitable for polished concrete.

With Integra Liquid Color for Self-Leveling Overlays, you have 18 color choices at your fingertips and the option for custom matched color solutions.​

Integra colors are easy to store—and they’re liquid, so they’re even easier to mix. They’re color-accurate, which means what you see in the sample is what you get. And they’re both UV-resistant and fade-resistant.

Our experienced color technicians also offer complete color customization and simple color formulation in our fully equipped color lab, matched to precisely any swatch.

Three white jugs with custom private labeling.