Integra Quarry Red




Product Description

Iron oxide pigments will not affect the strength or workability of concrete when used as directed. They offer a host of benefits to the concrete contractor, architect, ready mix concrete producer, and manufactured concrete product producer. Iron oxide pigments can improve the value of concrete. By adding color, concrete is simply more attractive.

Delta Performance Products uses only the highest quality synthetic iron oxide pigment for concrete colors. 

Delta Performance Products provides industry leading iron oxide pigments, and customer service to the ready mix concrete producer.

IRON OXIDE PIGMENTS  Iron oxide colors in concrete is the single largest application for this type of pigment. This increase in usage has created a demand for better technology and quality control throughout the concrete industry.

JOB PREPARATION  Good drainage and compacted aggregate add many benefits to decorative concrete. Pouring concrete over an inconsistent sub-grade or mix of dirt, plastic, wood, asphalt and existing concrete will cause an uneven cure. These types of sub-grades will force the majority of water to the surface to evaporate, causing efflorescence in those affected areas. In hot conditions, dampen the sub-grade before each pour to keep moisture in the concrete to allow better hydration. Keep the sub-grade moisture consistent throughout the day without allowing the water to pool. Jobs requiring a vapor retarder, and job sites having high heat and low humidity conditions, are exceptions to pouring over plastic. Pouring concrete directly over plastic can lead to numerous problems including excessive bleed water, uneven drying time, shrinkage, cracking, and efflorescence. Consider adding 2”-4” of sand between plastic and concrete. If pouring directly over plastic, mix design may need to be altered. Slump and placement techniques require tighter tolerances, and finishers need to be well trained and experienced.

MIXING  The drum must be clean. Do not use reclaimed slurry water or reclaimed aggregates.  When using small  aggregates, do not add the bag to the truck. Add only the color pigment by opening the bag and pouring all color into the truck.  Mixer should be loaded to a minimum of 40% capacity to ensure good color dispersion.  Be sure to use the same mix design and maintain a consistent water-to-cement ratio throughout the job. The use of plasticizers, water reducers and air entraining products designed for colored concrete production are acceptable. Delta Performance Products strongly recommends the use of test slab to determine final color outcome.  After pour has begun, adding water to the load to improve workability often causes color variation.

ADDITIVES  DO NOT use calcium chloride. This product can cause discoloration in the form of light and dark areas in the finished product. Non-chloride accelerators, including hot water, are acceptable accelerators.  Check the compatibility of the mix design (plasticizers, water reducers and air entraining products) with the addition of color by pouring a test slab to confirm the preferred results.

CURING  Do not spray water on the surface during the initial curing period.  Do not cover the surface with plastic.  Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to uneven curing and coloration.

LIMIT OF WARRANTY AND LIABILITY  Delta Performance Products warrants that their products conform to the description and standards as stated on the product packaging and specific product literature. If properly mixed and applied, Delta Performance Products warrants the color to be uniform and sunfast. 


  • Weight: 4 lb
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 12 in

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