Vitro Minerals VCAS™

Introducing VCAS™ Pozzolan, made from vitrified calcium aluminio-silicate by Vitro Minerals and distributed by Delta Performance.

VCAS pozzolans are available in three grades— VCAS 8, VCAS 140 and VCAS 160—for cement, mortar, concrete, stucco, faux stone and related products.

All grades demand 10% less water and can be used at cement replacement levels of up to 40%.

VCAS has a low alkali content and a uniform white color. Thanks to its consistent chemistry and tightly controlled particle size distribution it’s an excellent choice to replace an equal amount of cement in concrete applications.

VCAS pozzolans are made from industrial by-products, which reduces the energy demands of cement construction and helps earn LEED points.

Improve the durability of your next concrete project with Vitro Minerals VCAS™